Ottawa Road 174-Prescott-Russell County Road 17 Study - Overview

Notice of Study Commencement
Class Environmental Assessment Study
Statement of Work

The United Counties of Prescott and Russell in partnership with the City of Ottawa have initiated a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study for improvements to Ottawa Road 174 from the Highway 417 Interchange to Canaan Road and improvements to Prescott-Russell County Road 17 from Canaan Road to County Road 8 (Landry Road). This Study will be carried out in accordance with the requirements for a Schedule ‘C’ project under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (2007, 2011).

The purpose of the study is to conduct a detailed evaluation of future transportation demand for the County and City’s east-west direction of travel, assess current deficiencies and develop a recommended plan to address capacity, operational and safety issues, meet the transportation needs and minimize environmental impacts. The Study Area, which is subject to refinement during the EA process, is illustrated in the key map.

Highway 174 Prescott Russell 17 study area

The EA process will involve developing, assessing, and evaluating alternatives, which will result in a recommended plan to be presented to the United Counties of Prescott and Russell Council, Ottawa City Council and the public. The study is expected to be completed in approximately 30 months.

At three stages during the study, public open houses will be held in Orleans, Cumberland and Rockland to provide opportunities for those interested to review and discuss progress on the project with the study team and to provide their input. Notices of the open houses will be published in local newspapers and on the project website at: Information will be posted on the project website throughout the study.

Upon completion of this study, an Environmental Study Report will be available for public review and comment. A notice of study completion will be published at that time.

Interested persons can provide comments throughout the EA process. Any comments received will be collected under the Environmental Assessment Act and, with the exception of personal information, will become part of the public record. For further information on this project, or to be added to our mailing list, please contact:

Marc R. Clermont, P. Eng.
Director of Public Works
United Counties of Prescott and Russell
613-675-4661, ext. 3100

Angela Taylor, P. Eng.
Senior Project Engineer
City of Ottawa
613-580-2424, ext. 15210

Valerie McGirr, P. Eng.
Consultant Project Manager
Phone: 613-820-8282 ext. 243

Funding for this study is being provided by the Government of Ontario.