Dramatized Feature Film being Shot in Cumberland

Cumberland Village Heritage Museum is the stage, as 19th century New England, for the movie ‘Tell the World’.  This Australian production about the origins of the Seventh Day Adventists was shooting on location at Upper Canada Village in recent weeks, and this week in the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum.  “We discovered a pioneer village in Canada that is practically perfect to tell our story in,” says Mr. Portbury. “The look and feel is not only mid 1800's New England, but being a ‘living history’ village there is a high level of authenticity that you only get when people plough a field every year with 170-year-old equipment or still bake bread in an original 1840's bakery. We think these sets alone will transport the audience back in time.”

“Hollywood is known for its great story telling and Adventism has a great story.” says Doctor Allan Lindsay, chief historian of the project. “Our goal is to be as truthful to our story as we can be. We have a team of historians auditing our script to make sure we tell the story accurately and maintain the integrity of the film.“

The village Mr. Potbury is referring to is Upper Canada Village, which presents life in rural Ontario in the 19th century.  But the film finished its location shooting at Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, as this in some respects depicts a more prosperous and later rural New Engalnd community, in which the buildings have progressed from raw log cabins to clapboard exterioirs, and the roads have been improved with hardenned surfaces.

Most of the actors (about ninety) and technical crew (nearly one hundred) are from the Ottawa area, and have been at the Museum site for a few days, after which the production moves into its studio to wrap up the actual filming.