Cross Country Ski Trail Map & Routes - Toboggan Hill

A huge thanks to Lyle's ongoing effort to get the cross country ski trails ready for you. He has created a map which shows you approximate lengths of the trails as well as access points. As you can see you can get out with even the youngest children who should be able to make a loop.  

Tracks are set for both skiing and snowshoeing and as you can appreciate take considerable effort. We would ask that the snowshoers or walkers, walk beside the ski tracks and not in them as it becomes unstable to ski in them. Snowmobiles and ATVs are not permitted in the designated ski trail area. Trails have been recently groomed after the last major snowfall and as the weather warms up the conditions should be ideal.  

We have also packed down the toboggan hill behind the arena so there are lots of options to get out and have some winter fun. We will keep you posted on conditions.

If you have questions or would like to give Lyle a hand, please contact us at

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