Community Safety and Well-Being Consultations

In October 2020, Ottawa’s City Council approved the CSWB Plan’s priorities. The Plan will focus on addressing local priorities related to: 1. Discrimination, marginalization, and racism 2. Financial security, and poverty reduction 3. Gender-based violence and violence against women 4. Housing 5. Integrated and simpler systems 6. Mental well-being (including substance abuse and social isolation) CAWI will be conducting the following virtual consultation sessions, please use the links below to join any of these conversations.

Have your say on the future of municipal parks and recreation facilities

The City will be holding six bilingual online facilitated consultation sessions to get your opinions and ideas on the City’s first-ever combined Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan (PRFMP), in support of the new Official Plan (OP). You are invited to share your knowledge and experiences to help us plan for the future of municipal parks, recreation and community activity spaces.


It is difficult to express our disappointment and outrage at the senseless disregard for the huge efforts of the volunteers to get the rink ready for the community. As you know Marc Blais and his team have been working tirelessly to get our Outdoor Rink ready. Yesterday the rink was closed for maintenance. Marc sent us this message this morning. "Last night, between 4-7pm, I had kids on our closed ice, and also kids driving their cars on our freshly flooded ice."

2021 Cumberkand Outdoor Rink is OPEN

We are very happy to announce that the Cumberland Outdoor Rink is officially open tomorrow thanks to the tireless work of Marc Blais. He has put in a huge number of hours including a couple of 'all nighters', watering every few hours to build the base. We express appreciation for his hard work on behalf of all the users. There have been lots of kids out already. We hope a few more people will step up as we have 23 out if 64 - 2 hour shifts - left to fill for supervising. If you offered to help earlier, please respond to our follow-up emails.

NOW AVAILABLE: The Early History of Cumberland Township 1798-1840

Just in time for Christmas the Cumberland Township Historical Society has published its latest book on the early history of the township including meticulously detailed family trees of 72 founding families of Cumberland Village, Bearbrook, Navan, Leonard, Sarsfield, Vars, and St.-Joseph d'Orléans. Congratulations to CTHS for this comprehensive work.

See below for where it can be purchased.

Ward Boundary Review Final Report & Map

Thanks to the significant input provided by residents, the newly proposed Ward Boundary proposal keeps Cumberland attached to the Eastern, older part of Orleans, south to Innes Rd.

City proposal to change ward boundaries:

Former Cumberland Township Councillor Linda Dunn’s submission to the City of Ottawa reflects significant reasons why the process (which significantly affects Cumberland Ward) should be delayed until after the crisis of the pandemic.